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Journey Indiana

Episode 509

October 26, 2022

Coming to you from the Spirit of Jasper Train in Japer Indiana: Explore an infirmary with an unsettled past, learn about President Lincoln's life in Indiana, and discover the family business of Kopelov Cut Stone.

Stories from this Episode

If These Walls Could Talk

Randolph County Asylum/Infirmary, built in 1899, is place where people with physical and mental disabilities lived. In 2005 the building closed and was bought by the Allen brothers and S.T.O.P. to preserve its history. Over time they discovered that they were preserving something else as well...

Lincoln's Indiana Roots

Illinois may claim to be the land of Lincoln, but the sixteenth president spent his formative years in Indiana.

Carved to Last

Kopelov Cut Stone is a family business of stone cutters and carvers inspired by old world architecture, based in Bedford, Indiana. Primarily. specializing in high quality stone cutting and decorative carving.