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Journey Indiana

Episode 504

August 23, 2022

Coming to you from the Children's Museum of Indianapolis... Hear the sounds of an Indiana Hawaiian guitar festival, explore a unique teaching museum, see the work of a Hoosier mosaicist, and learn about a bygone clothing tradition at Indiana University.

Stories from this Episode

Hawaii in the Heartland

Visit the Hawaiian Steel Guitar Festival in Winchester and learn the history behind this unique event.

Moore to Explore

For over a century the Joseph Moore Museum has been enlightening its community about the natural world. It's also a place for students to learn how to present scientific knowledge to the public.

Material Memories

Explore the uniquely Hoosier tradition of senior cords with Heather Akou from Indiana University's Elizabeth Sage Historic Costume Collection.

One Piece at a Time

Meet a Bloomington mosaicist who creates works of piece at a time. Check out Chris’s work at