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Journey Indiana

Episode 419

March 22, 2022

Coming to you from WTIU's Studio 6 in Bloomington...witness a 99-year-old tradition at The Orchard School in Indianapolis; see what's growing at New Age Provisions in Indy; and learn the ins and outs of one of Indiana's fastest growing sports...pickleball.

Stories from this Episode

A Sticky Subject

Witness a 99-year-old tradition - and learn all about making maple syrup - at The Orchard School in Indianapolis.

Treasures From The Museum: Mastodons

Take a trip to the Indiana State Museum to learn all about Indiana's official state fossil...the mastodon.

New Age Provisions

See what's growing at New Age Provisions in Indianapolis.

Indy Pickleball Club

Meet the members of the Indy Pickleball Club, and learn all about one of the fastest growing sports in the state.

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