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Journey Indiana

Episode 106

March 19, 2019

Coming to you from the Reitz Home Museum in Evansville...learn all about the Overbeck Sisters and their influence on the Arts and Crafts Movement; a visit to Dr. Ted’s Musical Marvels in Dale, Indiana; and meet Purdue PhD student and wheelchair basketball player Shelby Gruss.

Stories from this Episode

Dr. Ted's Musical Marvels

Take a trip to Dr. Ted's in Dale, IN, and listen to his incredible collection of musical marvels.

Next of Kiln

Travel to the Overbeck Museum in Wayne County, Indiana to learn about the Overbeck Sisters, their highly collectible Arts and Crafts pottery, and the local residents who are keeping their legacy alive.

Antiques Roadshow - Overbeck Appraisal

See just how collectable Overbeck pottery has become in this clip from PBS's Antiques Roadshow.

What We Can Do

Meet Shelby Gruss - Purdue University PhD student and former captain of the US Women's National Wheelchair Basketball Team - and hear her inspiring story.