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Journey Indiana

Episode 105

February 19, 2019

Coming to you from the Indiana Theatre and Event Center in Terre Haute...learn all about Vivian Carter and Vee-Jay Records; the story of the Green-Book in Indiana; and meet a kinetic sculptor based in Indy who's truly charting his own course.

Stories from this Episode

The Green Book in Indiana

One of 2019's Oscar nominees for Best Picture is The Green Book...a movie named for a mid-20th century guidebook for African-American travelers.

Here's the story of the Green-Book in Indiana.

Rolling Along

Meet artist Tom Harold, a kinetic sculptor based in Indianapolis.

To see more of Tom's work, head on over to

The House That Vivian Built

Travel to Gary, Indiana, for the story of a now defunct record company that - through a rather odd set of circumstances - released the Beatles' first album in the US.

If you'd like more information on Vee-Jay Records or other historical curiosities in Northwest Indiana, a great resource is the Calumet Regional Archives.