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Noon Edition

Oscar Wilde on trial, then two puppets get married

Puppets of Bart Everson and Christy Paxson

A still from the televised version of the puppet wedding (Screenshot from video by Bart Everson)

This week’s episode is about not fitting in. Or maybe it’s about pushing back against the expectations society has for us. We’ll hear about Oscar Wilde being tried for “gross indecency,” or being gay in Victorian England. We’ll also go back to the Clinton-era Midwest to hear about some folks who didn’t believe in traditional marriage but still wanted the health insurance, and why their answer was to get some puppets involved. (That puppet wedding ended up on YouTube, here.) And a poem from AppalAsian poet Lisa Kwong about finding home in Bloomington, Indiana.


Our theme song is by Amy Oelsner and Justin Vollmar. We have additional music from the artists at Universal Production Music, and from Ramon Monras-Sender.

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