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Nanette Vonnegut: Self-Portrait at 14

Nanette Vonnegut with self portrait painted at 14

Painter Nanette Vonnegut with her self-portrait, painted at 14 (Yaël Ksander)

Nanette Vonnegut grew up in an artistic household. Her father painted, her sister was “born drawing,” as Nanette put it. And her mother believed in all of them, and that creative work, especially writing, could save lives. When Nanette was 14, she did a painting that kind of changed her life. We hear about that, how art can help you deal with neuroses, about growing up with her father, the writer Kurt Vonnegut, and more. Then we remember Kurt Vonnegut’s friend, the writer Dan Wakefield, with excerpts from a 2016 interview. He talks about Indianapolis in the 1950s, spiritual writing, and his friendship with Kurt.


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Special thanks to producer Yaël Ksander for not one but TWO interviews this week.

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