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Mothering on Two Sides of the Atlantic

Novelist Jacinda Townsend

Novelist Jacinda Townsend (Courtesy of the author)

This week, WFIU's Yaël Ksander talks with novelist Jacinda Townsend about her new novel, Mother Country, which tackles the subject of motherhood from two perspectives on different sides of the world. Townsend was associate professor of English at Indiana University when her 2014 novel Saint Monkey was published. She is now Helen Zell Visiting Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Michigan. Published May 3rd, Mother Country alternates between the story of Shannon, a Black woman in Louisville who’s got her share of Western world struggles, and Souria, a Mauritanian woman who’s got her share of non-Western struggles. The book refuses to take sides.

Then, Yalie Kamara's poem "Mother's Rules," from her first book, When the Living Sing. Kamara is a Sierra Leonean-American writer, educator, and researcher from Oakland, California. Her other books include A Brief Biography of My Name and the forthcoming What You Need to Know About Me: An Anthology of Youth Writings on Immigration. Kamara is the Poet Laureate of Cincinnati.


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