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How to Survive the Future Episodes 4 & 5

How to Survive the Future Ep4 Art

Cover art for How to Survive the Future Ep4 (watercolor of downtown under sign "Martinsville: City of Mineral Water") (Ileana Haberman)

This week, I’m sharing the last two episodes of the first season of How to Survive the Future, a podcast about today from an imagined tomorrow.

Episode 4 takes place in Martinsville, Indiana. When his daughters were teenagers, Chuck and his family lived close to downtown Martinsville. That was also the time – they found out later – that the city’s drinking water was most contaminated with toxic chemicals. Chuck’s dreams are with his grandson now, an early-career jazz musician making a life in a city where things are starting to look up.

On Tuesday, October 4, Indiana Humanities will be hosting a listening party and conversation about Episode 4: Martinsville, in Martinsville. Led by me, Alex Chambers, and scholar Jennifer Johnson, the discussion will help us explore ways to prevent environmental crises, the historical and social consequences of these events, and more. You can find more information about the event here.

Episode 5 takes place on Bloomington’s Near West Side. When I met up with writer Ross Gay and mentioned my neighborhood needed speedbumps to deal with the cops speeding through, Ross said, “Build your own. That’s what we did.” Ross is in his nineties now, but he’s as much a part of the neighborhood as ever.

How to Survive the Future was produced in partnership with Indiana Humanities, with funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities, and with further support from the Writers Guild at Bloomington. Music is by Airport People and Ramón Monrás-Sender.


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