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The Funny Times Keep Coming, and a Cat Disappears

Mia Beach, Renae Lesser and Gabriel Piser

Funny Times editor Mia Beach and publishers Renae Lesser and Gabriel Piser (Mia Beach)

The Funny Times is a newspaper full of comics. It’s about forty years old, and it’s all in print. The newspaper is in print, but until about a year ago, so were all their files. They lived in one well-protected filing cabinet. So when it was time to pass the reins to a new generation, who lived in Bloomington, Indiana, rather than Cleveland, one of the co-founders suggested they print out the cartoons that came in by email and send them by overnight courier to Bloomington.

Luckily, the new editor came up with an innovation: a “digital” filing cabinet.

This week, the Funny Times’ new publishers and editor talk about why the paper continues to thrive as so many newspapers fold, the kind of comfort you can get from political cartoons, and more.

Then, a story that started in the fall of 2016. My friend and colleague, Kayte Young, host of WFIU’s Earth Eats, was taking her cat Rita to the vet, and Rita escaped. What followed, in the months Kayte and her husband and friends and community spent searching, had more twists and turns than I could have imagined. So many, that, as I put the story together, it turned into a four-chapter saga. This week, The Third Time Rita Left Chapter 1: Losing Rita, in which Kayte decides, in the midst of an emergency, to foster a monarch chrysalis.


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