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Comedy Isn’t Therapy, Therapy Is. And the Missing Cat Story Concludes.

Rita the cat relaxing in a spinal twist

Rita the cat, relaxing in a spinal twist (Kayte Young)

Comedian Mohanad Elshieky came to Bloomington for the Limestone Comedy Festival in early June. He talks with producer Avi Forrest about why, after something bad happens, it’s important to wait before talking about it onstage, and how he tries to avoid being pigeon-holed as a comedian. Then we have a short throwback to an earlier episode.

And finally, a man calls Kayte to tell her he’s captured a cat in a cage, and he thinks it’s hers. But the last time he called, the cat Kayte saw nearby was only posing as Rita. Will this one be an imposter too? We conclude this episode with the conclusion to The Third Time Rita Left.


Inner States is produced and edited by me, Alex Chambers, with support from Violet Baron, Eoban Binder, Mark Chilla, Avi Forrest, LuAnn Johnson, Sam Schemenauer, Payton Whaley, and Kayte Young. Our Executive Producer is Eric Bolstridge.

Our theme song is by Amy Oelsner and Justin Vollmar. We have additional music from the artists at Universal Production Music.

Most of the music in The Third Time Rita Left was composed and recorded by Ramón Monrás-Sender. Other music came from Universal Production Music. Editing help came from Molly Weiler, Ross Gay, Essence London, and Kayte Young herself.

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