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Noon Edition

A Good Divorce, and a Kitten Comes Back as a Cat

EJ Masicampo

Comedian EJ Masicampo (Courtesy of EJ Masicampo)

Psychology professor and comedian EJ Masicampo wasn’t expecting his divorce, but he’s pretty happy with how it turned out. He and his ex are colleagues, and sometimes they end up the only two people at the departmental coffee hour – and it’s still a good time. This week, EJ talks about divorce, and the connections between psychology and comedy. Then we have some rebel girl poems from Rachel Ronquillo Gray. And Chapter 2 of our missing cat story, in which Kayte encounters strangers in parking lots at 5am who are also searching for her cat.


Inner States is produced and edited by me, Alex Chambers, with support from Violet Baron, Eoban Binder, Mark Chilla, Avi Forrest, LuAnn Johnson, Sam Schemenauer, Payton Whaley, and Kayte Young. Our Executive Producer is Eric Bolstridge.

Our theme song is by Amy Oelsner and Justin Vollmar. Most of the music in the Rita story is by Ramón Monrás-Sender. We have additional music from the artists at Universal Production Music and Backward Collective.

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