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Kern and Fields: Pick Yourself Up

The Great Depression was a tough time to work on Broadway.

Because of this, many of the best New York songsmiths tried their hands at the silver screen.

Jerome Kern quickly adapted to the unique demands of the film musical.

His best known works in this medium featured the dance team of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

Kern's first Astaire-Rogers picture, Roberta, was a filmed version of one of his own stage musicals. Swing Time, his next picture featuring the nimble pair, was his first score written directly for the screen.

In this classic film, Astaire's character (who is, of course, a dancer) pretends to have two left feet in order to woo a dancing instructor played by Rodgers.

The wise advice offered by this buoyant number accompany the pair as they fall all over (and for) each other.

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