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Noon Edition

U2: Desert of your Love

Despite its glum, dried-out title, "Desert of Your Love" is an upbeat, catchy song, whose soulful, stripped-down, drum-and-bass feel might have been out of place had it actually appeared on the band's hit 1987 album "The Joshua Tree." Co-produced by legendary producers Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois, "Joshua Tree" presented the up-and-coming Irish rock band with a sound that was richly processed, with lushly textured aural effects. Hit songs like "Where the Streets Have No Name," and "With or Without You," also highlighted the band's ability to pair ambitious song-writing with introspective, socially-conscious lyrics. But in 2007, when the band re-released a 20th anniversary edition of "The Joshua Tree," they dug deep into studio out-takes, coming up with some unexpected and interesting results.

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