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Noon Edition


We dive into the fray on this combative edition of Ether Game.

Our Sight Reading guest is choral conductor and music director of Voces Novae, Susan Swaney.

Top 10 Gamers (as of 3/13/12)

  1. Case Logic 41 pts
  2. First Base 31 pts
  3. Janis Starcs 23 pts
  4. Cindy Lou Who 20 pts
  5. James' Basement 19 pts
  6. Kokomo Kid 16 pts
  7. Silly Boy 14 pts
  8. TIE: John and Becky/Presto and Presto the Spaghetti Twins 13 pts
  9. TIE: Kindergarten Teacher/Music Lady/Squeak Peabody 12 pts
  10. Groovy Beatle Guy 10 pts

Music Heard On This Episode

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