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Violin Light Drawing

This week on the show, the Ether Game Brain Trust explores what separates the "great" from the merely "OK." It's a look at the fleet-fingered phenoms of the musical world, in a show we're calling "Virtuoso."

Did you know:

  • Nicolo Paganini, the famed violin virtuoso, played a violin he called "The Cannon," due to its powerful sound.
  • Franz Liszt, the famed piano virtuoso, dedicated his famously difficult Transcendental Etudes to his piano instructor Carl Czerny.
  • Eighteenth-century composer Giuseppe Tartini was so good at playing the violin, that people thought he had six fingers on his left hand!
  • Jazz virtuoso Art Tatum beat fellow pianist Willie "The Lion" Smith in a "cutting contest" by playing "Tea For Two," causing Smith to remark that it was the first time he heard the song really played.

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