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Noon Edition

Mozart: Marriage Of Figaro, Overture

You may as well consider Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's music to be candy for the ears!

His tuneful melodies have been popping up in popular culture ever since he first scribbled them on paper.

The overture to his operatic masterpiece, The Marriage of Figaro, is by far one of his most recognizable ditties, and it even makes a very "notable" appearance in the classic film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Towards the beginning of the tour, Mr. Wonka leads the tour group of the five children and their parents to a door that leads to the main epicenter of his factory.

This door has a musical lock, and the grand master of sweet confections plays the opening motive of Mozart's Marriage of Figaro overture to open the lock.

Mrs. TeeVee, being not-so-musically knowledgeable, then smugly says that the composer of the little ditty is Rachmaninoff!

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