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Gounod: Faust, Soldier’s Chorus

Charles Gounod's opera Faust had a very rocky history before it became one of the staples of the international operatic repertoire. Many of the major French theaters in Paris turned down the work because it wasn't "showy" enough in their opinion. Even after its world premiere in 1859, the opera was only a modest success. It wasn't until its revival in 1862 and subsequent productions around the world that it became the hit that it is today. Faust was even the opera that opened the doors of the Metropolitan Opera in 1883, and continues to be the 8th most performed opera in the house's repertory! Gounod's work is filled with memorable scenes and catchy tunes, including the Soldier's Chorus from Act 4. In this scene, a group of soldiers return home from fighting in a war and celebrate being home on their native soil.

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