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Why is Silence the Cardinal Rule? (Concert Etiquette Part 1)

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This week on Ethercast, the Ether Game Brain Trust explores the origin story of concert etiquette and asks a question. When did going to a classical music concert become like going to a church service? As the audience, we are expected to remain silent for a piece in its entirety, no clapping between movements or cheering after difficult solos. Back in Mozart's time, classical music concerts were more like today's jazz concerts. People clapped and cheered as the music moved them and even called for encores of their favorite movements. Listen to this week's podcast for a deeper dive.

Music on this week's podcast:

Dietrich Buxtehude: Sonata en Fa (BuxWV 269)

Stylus Phantasticus

album: Buxtehude Ciaccona

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