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Noon Edition

Side One, Track One


For the first show of the new calendar year 2017, the Ether Game Brain Trust this week is looking at some musical opening statements. We're exploring introductions, expositions, preludes, and overtures in a show we're calling "Side One, Track One."

Did you know...

  • The opening to Das Rheingold, the first of the four operas from the Ring Cycle by Richard Wagner is an extended E-flat major triad.
  • Felix Mendelssohn wrote several concert overtures, which were stand-alone orchestral pieces, not introductions to large works (despite the name "overture")!
  • The French Overture style, with its distinct form and dotted rhythms, was popularized by Jean-Baptiste Lully (among others), but used all over Europe in the Baroque era (not just France)!
  • The unique pre-concert habits of Franz Liszt-like entering the stage from the wings and turning the piano in profile of the audience-have now become standard among all pianists!

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