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Noon Edition

Lerner And Loewe: My Fair Lady, Excerpts

High school English teachers everywhere fight an epic battle almost every day: the battle to get students to use proper English grammar! The fight over the use of proper English has been going on for many years, even when the great George Bernard Shaw decided to write a play that featured this lingual conundrum! His play Pygmalion is an "update" of the famous Greek legend in which a world-renowned dialectician and grammarian, Professor Henry Higgins, takes on quite a challenge: to take a common Cockney flower girl, Eliza Doolittle, and turn her into an eloquent and polished young lady. Broadway legends Lerner and Loewe would later take Pygmalion and turn it into My Fair Lady, one of the great classics of musical theater. In the first scene of the musical, Higgins hears Eliza's butchering of English and then bemoans the fact that so many English people are unable to properly speak their own native language!

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