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Noon Edition

Clint Ballard: Game of Love

Although his recent career has become a mess of 60s nostalgia tours and legal problems stemming from his eccentric behavior, Wayne Fontana was one of the bigger minor hit-makers of the famed British Invasion, led of course by the much more popular Beatles. Fontana was born Glyn Ellis in Manchester, England. His stage name itself has an interesting history. Ellis originally named himself after D. J. Fontana, a drummer who played with Elvis Presley. After forming the Mindbenders, "Wayne" and the band were signed to a record label which, by bizarre coincidence, was also called Fontana Records! In the middle of a disastrous 1965, the moody Fontana left his band literally mid-set. While both Wayne and the group had some separate success, big hits remained few and far between.

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