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Noon Edition


Wacky Creatures

Our theme this week is "Ostrobogulous," which is a bizarre and silly word that means...bizarre and silly! So this week, we're saluting the unusual, the strange, the bizarre, the silly, and the ostrobogulous, in our show we're calling "Ostrobogulous"!

Did you know...

  • The bizarre (for its time) piece Symphonie Fantastique by Hector Berlioz also uses bizarre instruments, like the rare E-flat clarinet and the ophicleide!
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had a very juvenile sense of humor, and once wrote a canon called "Leck Mir Im Arsch" (translation: lick me in know where...)
  • The ostrobogulous composer Erik Satie had many eccentricities: he wore the same tan suit for 10 years, he collected umbrellas, he ate only white-colored food, and he started a religious sect where he was the only member.
  • Composer John Cage once wrote a piano piece dedicated to the famed absurdist artist Marcel Duchamp.

See the full playlist below:

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