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Noon Edition

Mythical Beasts


This week, the Ether Game Brain Trust is succumbing to that siren song, and exploring the world fantastical creatures. It's centaurs, and griffins, and imps (oh my!), in a show we're calling "Mythical Beasts."

Did you know...

  • Ludwig Van Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony is featured in the film Fantastia, where it's accompanied by an array of mythical beasts, including Satyrs, Unicorns, Pegasuses, Centaurs, and Cupids.
  • Rusalka, the title character from the opera by Antonín Dvořák, is one of many mermaids/water nymphs that show up in classical music, including Ondine (in works by Debussy, Ravel, and Reinecke) and Lorelei (showing up in working by Liszt and Schumann).
  • Sirènes from Claude Debussy's Nocturnes refers to the mythological half-human/half-bird creatires, who sing songs and lure sailors, represented by a wordless female choir in Debussy's work.
  • The Unicorn, The Gorgon and The Manicore, a Renaissance-style madrigal comedy by Gian Carlo Menotti is based loosely on medieval bestiaries, which were serious compendiums of beasts, both real and imaginary.

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