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Noon Edition

Ravel: Mother Goose

Ravel was fascinated by childhood. Many critics have heard his interest in mechanical toys reflected in his talent for intricate and delicate rhythms. In addition, Ravel wrote "Mother Goose," a work not only inspired by children's literature, but originally intended to be performed by children. The original four-hand piano version was conceived for the children of a friend, but the piece eventually got too difficult for them, and was premiered instead by child performers Jeanne Leleu and Genevieve Durony. Ravel drew from several fairy tales. Some, like Sleeping Beauty and Tom Thumb, were from the works of Charles Perrault. The story of "Laideronnette" or "Little Ugly-Girl" was adapted from a tale by Perrault's rival and contemporary, Marie Catherine DAulnoy, who was the first author to use the term "Fairy Tale."

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