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Schumann: Davidsbündler Dances, “Wild and Joyful”

Robert Schumann was not only a skilled composer, but also an eloquent writer who had strong opinions about the then-current state of music in Europe. In addition to his work as a composer and teacher at the Leipzig Conservatory, he founded the famous musical newspaper The New Journal for Music in 1834. Although the first editor-in-chief was Julius Knorr, most of the works written in the earliest issues of The New Journal were by Schumann himself. In 1835, when a new publisher was found, Schumann's name appeared as editor. In his reviews he gave full vent to his opinions of the new generation of musicians who deserved acclaim, including Chopin, Brahms and Berlioz. The New Journal for Music, under the direction of the Schott music publishing company, continues to be the primary vehicle for writing on contemporary music, including classical, jazz, rock, and sound art. Each issue focuses on a particular topic, and includes a variety of essays, CD and book reviews.

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