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Noon Edition

He Did THAT?

Members of the IU Jacobs School of Music latin jazz ensemble Ritmos Unidos join us in our Sight Reading segment on this revelatory edition of Ether Game!

TOP TEN GAMERS as of 5/22/12

1. James' Basement- 277 pts

2. Silly Boy- 232 pts

3. Friend Rex- 142 pts

4. Cindy Lou Who- 130 pts

5. Case Logic- 115 pts

6. John and Becky- 96 pts

7. Kokomo Kid- 82 pts

8. Groovy Beatle Guy- 76 pts

9. Sherlock the Wonder Dog- 60 pts

10. Mr. Mustachio- 58 pts


Send your correct answer to ethergame AT to be entered into a drawing for 50 bonus points! Make sure to include your tasteful pseudonym in the message. The deadline for entries is midnight on Sunday, June 3, 2012.

On May 29th, the self-proclaimed "Drinking Capitol of the World" celebrates the anniversary of its statehood. This state was the birthplace of a pioneering instrument maker and performer. Â Our question to you is this: Â Can you name the artist with whom this pioneer formed a successful recording duo starting in the 1950s?

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