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Noon Edition

Linke: The Glow Worm

At the turn of the 20th century, Lincke was one of the most famous composers of European popular music. Among his claims to fame was the march "Berlin-Luft," which became the German city's official theme-song. Lincke also composed the wedding march that may have been played while the Titanic sank-although there are, however, competing claims on this account. "Glow Worm," or "Glühwürmchen," composed for a frothy 1902 operetta, was revived in the 1950s with new words by jazz lyricist Johnny Mercer. The secret to the song's success may have been the fact that not only is it a "Glühwürm," or "Glow Worm," but it is also a certifiable "Ohrwurm," or "Ear Worm," a German term for a song that easily gets stuck in one's head.

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