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Beethoven: Creatures of Prometheus

Prometheus is celebrated throughout literature and mythology. He is known as the "patron of civilization." His name has been turned into the adjective "promethean," which refers to people of great creativity or intellect. And the famed fictional scientist Frankenstein's monster is known as the "modern Prometheus." So, what'd Prometheus do to earn all this? He stole something-but he was no common thief! Prometheus stole fire from the Gods of Mount Olympus and BROUGHT FIRE TO MANKIND. As the story goes, Zeus did not want people to learn the secrets of civilization from the Gods. But Prometheus took pity on the mortals who suffered through the cold nights without fire. Zeus could not take back Prometheus's GIFT OF FIRE, but instead sentenced Prometheus to eternal torture, and punished humanity by sending evil into the world from Pandora's Box.

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