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Noon Edition

Ether Game: Derangements


We won't be playing a regular game tonight. Instead, the Ether Game Brain Trust will be asking you to support this program while we listen to some wild and wacky arrangments of classical music. How about a pledge of $10 or $15 a month to WFIU while listening to a quartet of ocarinas play the Barber of Seville Overture? 

During this global pandemic that has so many of us quarantined at home, many of us are thinking about community. Communities aren't just geographical. What we have on Ether Game is a community of shared interest, shared passion, and common goals. Those of us who love classical music and want it to remain a vibrant part of our culture have found a community of like minds, our fellow members. Join the community that supports great music for everyone, everywhere. Call 800-662-3311 right now or contribute online at WFIU dot org slash donate.

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