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Noon Edition

Weill: Threepenny Opera; Overture, Mack The Knife

As a young man, the German playwright Bertolt Brecht went to work for the great German director Max Reinhart from 1924 to 1933, and it was during this time that he began his collaboration with the composer Kurt Weill. Together, the pair produced several works for the stage, their most successful being The Threepenny Opera. When Nazism spread across Germany, Brecht was forced into exile but returned to East Berlin in 1949 to stage one of his plays at Max Reinhart's old theater in the city's Soviet sector. This led to his founding of the Berliner Ensemble, and his permanent return to Berlin. Until the end of Brecht's life, the Berliner Ensemble and the staging of his own works took up the playwright's time until his death from in 1956.

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