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Noon Edition

Double Take

This week, we're looking at some surprising works that might make you want to look again. It's double the fun on a show we're calling "Double Take."

Did you know...

  • Audiences do a double take during the end of the otherwise playful opera Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart when the statue of the Commendatore comes to life, joins Don Giovanni for dinner, and drags him into hell!
  • The "Surprise" Symphony No. 94 by Franz Joseph Haydn was written during Haydn's residency in London, and includes a surprise fortissimo "jump" in the quiet second movement (hence the nickname, "Surprise").
  • A few years ago, shoppers in a supermarket in England were surprised when a group of musicians organized a flash mob to perform George Frideric Handel's Zadok The Priest in the middle of the produce section! The whole event was made into a viral video.

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