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The Crown Podcast

Welcome to the Ether Game Weekly Podcast! This week, we're bowing down in respect, as we salute some royal music in a show called "The Crown"! To get you started (or for those of you who just cannot wait for Tuesday nights), you can sharpen your skills with our podcast selection. Remember to keep your ears out for a portion of Tuesday night's Teaser selection. And don't forget to tune into the full show on Tuesday, February 21st at 8:00pm for a chance to win a prize!

George Frideric Handel (1685–1759): ZADOK THE PRIEST

The Choir of King's College, Cambridge; English Chamber Orchestra; Sir David Willcocks, conductor. The Greatest Choral Show On Earth (Decca)

As one of his final royal acts, King George I required George Frederic Handel to compose the music for the coronation of his son, King George II. Handel, in fact, wrote four anthems for this coronation, the first of which is titled Zadok the Priest. Its text comes from the biblical book of First Kings, where Zadok the high priest anoints Solomon, son of David, as the King of Israel. This particular anthem has been sung at every coronation service since the coronation of King George II in 1727, and it's usually sung at the sovereign's anointing. However, at this initial coronation, the choir of Westminster Abbey was (understandably) a little under-rehearsed with the brand new music, and sang Zadok the Priest at the wrong part of the ceremony.

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