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Noon Edition

Climb Every Mountain

This week, we're reaching the highest summit, and exploring some mountainous music. It's a show that will have you feeling light-headed from lack of oxygen, a show we're calling "Climb Every Mountain."

Did you know...

  • An Alpine Symphony by Richard Strauss was based on a real-life event in the composer's life, where he got caught in a thunderstorm while descending down a mountain.
  • Many composers have mountainous last names, including Alban Berg ("Berg" is German for "mountain") and Claudio Monteverdi ("Monteverdi" means "green mountain" in Italian).
  • Composer Alan Hovhaness has written over 20 works about mountains, including his Second Symphony titled "Mysterious Mountain."
  • Olivier Messiaen wrote From The Canyons To The Stars... about the mountains and Bryce Canyon in Utah. Utah residents named a mountain-Mt. Messiaen-after him in return!

See the full playlist below:

And don't forget to check out the mountainous selection on podcast for this week's show!

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