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Noon Edition

Bang A Drum

A potpourri of premium percussive pieces this week on a show we're calling "Bang A Drum"!

Did you know...

  • The "Drum Roll" symphony (named because of the fermata timpani drum roll that starts the work) by Franz Joseph Haydn was written while Haydn was living in London.
  • The "Anvil Chorus" from Il Trovatore by Giuseppe Verdi was originally called the "Gypsy Chorus," and popularized the use of anvils in the percussion battery.
  • Ionisation by Edgard Varèse is the first major work written for percussion ensemble, and features odd instruments like the siren, the whip, and the lion's roar.
  • In his ballet Daphnis et Chloe, Maurice Ravel utilizes the wind machine or "aeoliphone"-an odd percussion instrument made out of a barrel, a crank, and a piece of cloth-to represent the wild god Pan.

See the full playlist below:

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