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More Wind Power Stories = Good News


As you know, I love wind power and try to keep tabs on the best stories about the topic. This week, there were a few good stories about it, specifically dealing with a few states that are doing cool stuff with wind power.

Early in the week, CNBC posted a piece about "windkeepers" in Maine and all the different wind-related set-ups they have going up there at the tip of the U.S. Then just today, the New York Times' Green Inc. blog posted a story about the explosion of wind power in the state of Missouri, where wind power capacity grew by almost 90 percent in the second quarter of the year.

Though that figure is so high because it is coming from such a low starting base (Missouri is not in one of the top 10 wind power states), a 90 percent increase is a 90 percent increase.

Read More: A Wind Boom in Missouri (New York Times)

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