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White House Task Force Outlines Plan To Deal With Childhood Obesity

First Lady Michelle Obama joined members of the Childhood Obesity Task Force for a press conference Tuesday to unveil a new action plan addressing America's childhood obesity epidemic.

The plan, entitled "Solving the Problem of Childhood Obesity Within a Generation," presented President Obama with 70 recommendations for action, many of which can be implemented immediately -- like promoting breastfeeding, supporting quality physical education in schools, and improving food labeling so parents and kids can make more informed decisions about what they eat.

The action plan is the next step in the First Lady's Let's Move campaign which started back in February.

Supporters hope that the proposed actions will reduce childhood obesity to 5 percent, its level prior to the increase in American childhood obesity rates that began in the 1970s.

Many Agencies Involved

The plan involves many federal agencies, both independently and by requiring them to work together.

Within the next year:

  • The Health and Human Services agency should release new guidelines for physical activity and nutrition in child care settings
  • The USDA should update its Dietary Guidelines and Food Pyramid as well as help with legislation to improve school food
  • The Federal Trade Commission will be monitoring food marketing directed toward children
  • The Department of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Agency will promote walking and biking to school.

Be on the lookout for a number of promotional events in the coming weeks from each of the agencies mentioned above, and others as they highlight the steps they will take to address the obesity epidemic.

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