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Love Heat? Make Arlyn Llewellyn's Veggie Burger

veggie panini

First thing to know about this recipe is that it takes a lot of time to make.

That's okay with Chef Arlyn Llewellyn because she likes tackling big projects in the kitchen by herself. "I just really enjoy... being able to reflect in my head as I'm doing it and not making small-talk with coworkers."

This recipe starts in the oven and ends at the panini press. The kitchen at Function Brewing doesn't have a stove, so most of their dishes begin and end at these appliances. There are certain steps that can be accomplished in a saute pan on a stove (i.e. browning the patties before the sandwich is assembled), and Llewellyn gives you her blessing to do just that.

Function specializes in sandwiches, which means they end up with lots of excess bread. "We make as many croutons as we possible can, but we still have extra bread, so we're always trying to figure out what to do with it," she says. Good thing this recipe calls for bread crumbs. She pulses slightly-past-their-prime slices in the food processor until they become crumbs.

Roasted pinto beans, peppers and onions are the "meat" of the recipe. Since it's vegan, her binding ingredient is liquid from the beans. She explains that ¼ cup of bean liquid equals one egg. "You can use it in baking as well as an egg substitute."

The spice comes from chipotle peppers in adobo sauce and her homemade jalapeño refrigerator pickles. There's an extra kick of flavor from her roasted garlic aioli.


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