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USDA: Farmers Markets Up 16 Percent In 2009, Indiana Up 47 Percent

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has released their 2010 National Farmers Market Directory. The directory lists 6,132 farmers markets nationwide, 16 percent more than in 2009 when the agency reported 5,274.

In the USDA press release, Secretary Tom Vilsack said:

Seeing such continued strong growth in the number of U.S. farmers markets indicates that regional food systems can provide great economic, social and health benefits to communities across the country. Farmers markets provide fresh, local products to communities across the country while offering economic opportunities for many producers of all sizes.

Indiana was fifth among the states experiencing the largest growth during 2009. The number of farmers markets in Indiana increased 47 percent last year.

Top 10 states with the most farmers markets: California (580), New York (461), Illinois (286), Michigan (271), Iowa (229), Massachusetts (227), Ohio (213), Wisconsin (204), Pennsylvania (203) and North Carolina (182); and

Top 10 states, by percentage, with market growth from 2009-2010: Missouri (77), Minnesota (61), Idaho (60), Michigan (60), Indiana (47), South Dakota (46), Arkansas (41), Washington (37), Ohio (36) and Oklahoma (31).

Read more: USDA Announces that National Farmers Market Directory Totals 6,132 Farmers Markets In 2010 (

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