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Up-Scaling Kombucha, Waking Up Orchards, Sharing Groundwater

jar of kombucha with scoby

It's not like making a batch of cookies where you can just increase everything. There are so many variables with fermentation and because it's a long process, you have to control all those variables. There are many different components of it, and they're living and how they interact with each other is very unique and delicate.

Jeannine Buscher makes kombucha. She wanted to grow her homebrew into commercial production, but as she quickly found out, there's no standard way to do that with kombucha. So she and other homebrewers have had to get creative.

We'll hear about the push to grow wheat research.

Time to invest in a pizza stone for Daniel Orr's thin-crust pizzas.

In Nebraska, a new program lets farmers buy and sell rights to groundwater supplies.

And, throwing a party for an apple orchard. Wassailing with Maria Kennedy.

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