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Update: Taco Bell Lawsuit Dropped

Where's The Beef? Right Here!

Taco Bell no longer has a lawsuit hanging over their sales. The Alabama law firm suing Taco Bell for passing off 'taco meat filling' for actual beef voluntarily withdrew their litigation last week.

No money was exchanged and Taco Bell says they are not changing any menu items or ingredients.

The suit, which sought class-action status, wanted a judgment against Taco Bell that would stop it from referring to its product as ground beef, force it to launch a "corrective advertising campaign," and pay plaintiff's attorney fees and any further relief the courts deemed proper.

Taco Bell's Beef With The Lawsuit

After the lawsuit was dropped, Taco Bell launched a new national ad campaign: "Would it kill you to say you're sorry?" The advertising copy reads:

Would it kill you to say you're sorry?

The law firm that brought false claims about our product quality and advertising integrity has voluntarily withdrawn their class action suit against Taco Bell. No changes to our products or ingredients. No changes to our advertising. No money exchanged. No settlement agreement. Because we've ALWAYS used 100 percent USDA-inspected premium beef.

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