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44 Top Twitter Accounts All Eco-Foodies Should Follow

If you're familiar with Twitter, you might have noticed the "Follow Friday" meme where people recommend other accounts their followers might want to follow.

Well, this Friday we thought we'd give you a big list of some of our favorite tweeters that we've grown to love in our time on Twitter.

You can follow this entire list here, and of course, if you'd like to follow our updates, we're @eartheats.

Food Policy

@FreshFoodForAll Prolific source of news about food policy, national health, and GMO concerns.

@ObamaFoodorama Tweets from the editor of the Obama Foodorama blog -- a self-proclaimed independent record of White House food and agriculture policies.

@NaomiStarkman is the founder and editor of Civil Eats. She tweets food policy news from Civil Eats and around the web.

@civileater Managed by Paula Crossfield out of New York City, this Twitter account and its website, Civil Eats, is a reliably authoritative source of news for the concerned eco-foodie.

Food Safety

@foodsafetynews Tweeting from  D.C., Seattle, and Denver, this account has a steady stream of info about recalls, allergies, and federal food regulation. The Food Safety News website is chock full of blogs and updates.

@hbottemiller one of the reporters for Food Safety News, is a great source of information about food safety and policy issues.

@BestMealinfo is a food safety watchdog. Most subjects refer to GMO crops, organic standards, artificial sweeteners, and fluoridation. Visit their website for more information.

Food Bloggers

@rshreeves A self-proclaimed "locavore wannabe" (let's call her a locavore-in-training), this South Jersey mom/blogger takes her with her on her journey to become "A Little Greener Every Day".

@cooklocal A Seattle-based husband-and-wife team who share their farmers' market tales and numerous recipes. They are very good about answering questions fielded to them via Twitter. Learn more on their website.

@lunchboxbunch Purporting to tweet from "The Produce Section", the Lunch Box Bunch offers a steady stream of vegan recipes. The accompanying blog, Happy. Healthy. Life., has plenty of food photos and merchandise.

School Lunch Reform

@SlowFoodUSA Although the Slow Food organization's main objective is to get people back in the kitchen, cooking food the old-fashioned way, of late they have been a great source of info in the movement to revamp school lunch. They even have their own campaign: Time for Lunch!

@lunchboxproject is a school lunch reform group out of Boulder. Their website, The Lunch Box, has great resources. There are USDA case studies, nutrition guides, community contacts, and more.

@jamie_oliver Best known for his Food Network show, The Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver recently won the TED Prize for his multi-faceted campaign to improve the way the U.S eats. Visit his website to stay up to date, and watch his impassioned TED prize acceptance speech on teaching kids how to cook good food.

@fedupwithlunch Run by a public school teacher in the Midwest under the mysterious nom de plume of "Mrs. Q", this up and coming Twitter star tweets (and blogs!) her experience eating school lunch every day for a year. And she finds that some days are certainly better than others...

@healthyschools A Chicago-based campaign to improve school lunches. Visit their website for more information.

Eating Locally

@localinseason A New England trio maintains a Twitter account on how to eat locally. Their blog offers seasonal recipes for every time of year.

@LocavoreBlog What makes this particular locavore Twitter account special are the Pot Luck discussions held almost everyday. They are open-thread, free-subject forums. The blog has great photos, too!

@eatsustainable Great place to find best-of-web updates for locavores and foodies - videos, news, blog posts. Check out their website, The Sustainable Table, for Sustainability 101 resources.

@yrlocalmarkets An account about the locavore lifestyle ... from Australia! See what eco-foodie issues our Southern-hemisphere friends are talking about! Visit their website to learn about local food and farmers' markets along Australia's Gold Coast.


@Podchef Chef Neal Foley is a chef and farmer who tweets about agriculture politics. Subscribe to his podcast, The Podchef's Gastrocast, on iTunes and read the Gastrocast blog on his website.

@chefscollab The Chefs Collaborative is a Boston-based organization that helps local and sustainable food friendly chefs share their ideas. Read the blog on their website anytime, or become a member to gain access to more info!

@bayareabites Bay Area Bites is an aggregate of food blogs by chefs, food writers, and cookbook editors. NPR member station KQED hosts their website, which has plenty info on farmers' markets and eco-friendly restaurants in and around San Francisco.

Green Lifestyle

@Fooducate A Bay area father of three young children, blogger, and twitterer, Hemi Weingarten navigates the supermarket with an eye on nutrition.

@CelebrateGreen are a mother-daughter team and regular Earth Eats contributors, who give tips on how to green up your parties and holidays. Check out their website for tons more info!

@Foodimentary John-Bryan Hopkin showcases the fun side of food with factoids and quirky quotes about our favorite edibles.

@chivetalker Jenna Borum is writer out of Maryland who created the Mindful Menus project. Via a network of blogs and Twitter accounts, Mindful Menus is a community of locavore foodies who help each other to plan healthy, delicious weekly menus.

@dinnerpartydnld The Dinner Party Download is a quirky, L.A.-based podcast for foodies. Subscribe to the show on iTunes, and learn more on the American Public Media site.

@pubradiokitchen A project of Boston public radio station WBUR, this is a account to follow for recipes and food tips with an environmentalist flare.


@Jambutter A former newspaper reporter-turned-entrepreneur in Vermont, Rob Smart frequently writes about the business side of sustainable agriculture.

@kubileya Joya Parsons is a homesteader trying to break into farming in Delaware. She tweets a good deal about food and agriculture politics, but also shares her personal struggle as a woman farmer. Her farm, Quite Contrary Gardens, also has its own Twitter account.

@agchat This account follows agriculture policy from the mainstream industry's perspective. Learn what concerns many American farmers face. Agchat also hosts weekly discussions via Twitter. Learn more Agchat's FAQ page.


@jeanannvk Jean Ann VanKrevelen is a Portland-area social media maven, mother and gardener. She maintains a blog called Gardener to Farmer.

@DorotheeRoyal is the creator, producer and host of Some of her interests include eco-fashion and guerilla gardening.

@OrganicNation The Twitter account of Dorothee Royal's (see above) - a video blog twice nominated for Treehugger's Best of Green 2010.

@EsmaaSelf Esmaa Self is an organic living columnist and master garder - she even has a greenhouse and chickens!

@hyperlocavore Liz McLellan is the creator and moderator of a free yard sharing community in Eastern Oregon (but the information is applicable no matter where you live). In yard sharing, people share resources to maintain gardens. Learn more at:

@GardenForkTV Run by host Eric Rochow, this is a good place to find info on gardening, cooking, beekeeping, and DIY projects. The site is very comprehensive - it includes videos, photos, podcasts, and blogs.

Taking Action

@FoodDeclaration Food Declaration tracks food policy and is a source for information on campaigns and protests.

@FairFoodFight A political project out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. They rally the troops around issues of sustainability and locavorism.

@food_democracy Iowa-based Food Democracy is run by a hog farmer (the manager of Niman Ranch), a concerned mother, a D.C. advocate for sustainability, and a film documentarian.

Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change

@CUESA The Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture is an San Francisco-based organization promoting sustainability through its educational programs and its farmers' markets.

@the_daily_green This is a great source for environmental news and green-living tips. The Daily Green website also hosts plenty of news, opinion articles, and feature stories.

@EcoInteractive Based out of Costa Rica, EcoInteractive delivers news and information on the environment on a global scale. Their website specifies activity in wildlife conservation and reforestation.

@TheEcofoodie This account deals mostly with sustainability issues with respect to food - urban gardening tweets seem to pop-up from time to time - but its managers don't shy away from recipes, food policy, and health topics. Ecofoodie's sister website, The Idea Hive, belongs to a green business think tank out of San Francisco.

Who Else?

Now it's your turn -- who did we miss? Leave a comment and let us know your favorite people to follow on twitter.

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