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New Site Makes FDA Recalls Easy To Find

Have you ever heard a snippet on the news about a recall and thought "Oh no, do I have contaminated meat in my freezer?"

Fear No More

The Food and Drug Administration has developed a new website, so that you can find out whether any food in your house has been recalled.

The website has combined all press releases about recalls and put them in an easy-to-use searchable table.

According to Mike Taylor, FDA Deputy Commissioner for Foods, "[Recalls], mandatory or otherwise, are serious and we must do everything possible to make it easier for people to know about these recalls so they can take all appropriate steps to protect themselves and their families."

Do My Alfalfa Sprouts Have Salmonella?

The new site lets you look up information on recalls since 2009. Current recalls are displayed by recall date, brand name, product description, reason/problem, company and photos.

As an added bonus, the new site also offers recall information on drugs, pet products and medical devices.

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