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Simple Radish Sandwiches

radish biscuit sandwiches

Simplicity is everything in good cooking.

I like to say that 90 percent of being a great chef is being a good shopper, and 10 percent is not screwing up what you bought. These radish and butter sandwiches are about as simple as you get!

We’re going to fancy it up just a little bit. I’ve got my Grandmother’s biscuit recipe that we’re going to use instead of bread. Slice those into chunks and put a nice slab of butter on each. Use a good unsalted, creamery butter. This is not the dish on which to be meek with your butter -- lather it on!

I made this recipe in the spring when my farm was producing more French Breakfast Radishes than I knew what to do with. But, there are plenty of varieties of winter radishes that would taste fantastic in this preparation. I suggest holding a radish taste-test to see which variety -- from very spicy to more mild -- suits your taste buds.

I cut the radishes into julienne, which is little matchsticks. That makes them looks pretty and easier to arrange on the biscuit chunks.

Finally, I dust the radishes and biscuits with pink-hued Himalayan sea salt and a few sprigs of dill. Enjoy!

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