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Showing Chickens, Fair Food Vs. Street Food, Sandwich Heaven

2012 Crawford Area Poultry Judging Competition (Georgia)

What happens is I'll take these birds to a show and an older gentleman will come up to me and say I haven't seen one of those in 50 years.

That's chicken farmer Jana Wilson. She started raising Sicilian Buttercup chickens five years ago and now shows them at poultry competitions all over the Midwest. She shows me around her coop and talks about what makes her birds unique.

It's fair season, so we preview the latest deep-fried delicacy offered at this year's Indiana State Fair: Girl Scout Cookies.

Betsy Shepherd of Traditional Arts Indiana tastes her way through the food truck scene in Indianapolis.

And, Chef Daniel Orr whips up what he calls the World's Best BLT.

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