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Sesame-Scented Baby Bok Choy

sesame-scented baby bok choy

One of the most difficult things about cooking with bok choy is cleaning it. There are a lot of crevasses where dirt, grit and sand can get caught. Clean your bok choy thoroughly because nothing can spoil a meal like a bite of sand!

This recipe starts off with our standard blanch-and-shock method. Plunge the bok choy into boiling salted water for a couple minutes, then submerge the veggies into ice water to set the color.

My original recipe included only two cloves of minced garlic, but as I was cooking, I was inspired to add lots more. Then, when I taste the almost-finished product, I noticed it needed a bit more of a sodium kick. Instead grabbing the kosher salt, I added a dash of tamari -- a gluten-free version of soy sauce.

Cook like a chef and adjust recipes as you go!

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