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Restaurant Review: Lucky’s Café (Cleveland, Ohio)

As luck would have it, we found Lucky's Café while in Cleveland, Ohio for a wedding this past weekend. We found Lucky's by chance, really, via a Google search for "brunch in Tremont Cleveland."

Two days earlier, we'd had an excellent dinner in the Tremont area of Cleveland and learned it was a good area to eat in – not to mention a cute part of town.

With all of the wedding festivities on Saturday, my party of four was in need of a Sunday re-charge brunch.


Lucky's Café was a bit of a dream place for me. Sure, many towns have your sort of local or organic or farm-to-table kind of restaurant. But how many restaurants serve food from their own garden, only steps outside their kitchen that customers can walk through while waiting for their food to be prepared?

Lucky's does.

In fact, the waitstaff encourages their guests to browse their garden. I did, and I found that they were growing herbs, tomatoes, peppers, sunflowers and more. We also learned that they make pretty much everything (e.g., bread, waffles, whipped cream) from scratch.

This is my kind of place.

Vanilla Bean Waffles, Two Reubens, And A Shipwreck

I chose the Vanilla Bean Buttermilk waffles. They were topped with warm strawberry rhubarb compote and honeyed whip cream, which had been lovingly sprinkled with turbinado sugar (natural brown sugar). I can't remember the last time I ate an entire plate of waffles!

I felt pleasantly full for hours.

My partner and our friend both ordered the Reuben. Though he's a self-avowed sauerkraut hater, my partner loved every bite, sauerkraut and all (the kitchen staff apparently prefers to not change anything about the Reuben).

The fourth member of our party went with the Shipwreck (think hashbrowns, eggs, seasonal veggies) and cleaned his plate as well.

Our full tummies left no room for dessert - a shame as they have an especially inviting dessert counter.

If you happen to be in Cleveland, make sure to stop by Lucky's. You can eat inside at lovely tables or outside at picnic tables, weather-permitting.

You can also pause and have your photo taken at one of those stick-your-face-through-the-sunflower things in their garden (we did).

Lucky's Café

777 Starkweather Ave.

Cleveland, OH 44113


Lucky's Website


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