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To Reduce Emissions, Choose Frozen Fish Over Fresh


Photo: swanksalot (flickr)

If you're an eco-conscious seafood fan, you are probably aware of the complex sustainability issues around buying fish and other seafood. Is wild caught better than farmed? Does "organic" make a difference?

The Daily Green published an article that said opting for frozen fish over fresh is one of the most important choices a consumer can make for the environment.

The Real Cost Of Fresh Seafood

Peter Tyedmers, an ecological economist at Dalhousie University, said that if you live inland – far from the source of your seafood – buying fresh almost guarantees the use of air freight transport.

"We've measurde greenhouse gas emissions up to the point of production. A lot of those tend to be swept away if you're having to ship this thing by air a great distance," Tyedmers explained. "You are much better off to have it frozen at source move through the in refrigerated containerized ships and have relatively few greenhouse gas emissions."

Tyedmers also gently reminded us that the best form of transport for the environment is no transport at all. So buying locally is the best way to go – even if that means buying freshwater fish instead of salmon.

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