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Recipes From Pearl Lagoon, Frog Legs, SNAP In Rural America


Here in this country of course, local food is the new way of thinking. Down there, they don't have a choice -- that's all they have. For them, local food is shrimp, rice, coconut milk and lobster.

Vicki Basman spends her career with the Indiana State Parks and Reservoirs interpreting what's unique about a place and its culture. Food is part of what makes Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua unique. She comes in to talk about her new cookbook and her adventures in this isolated Latin American community.

Inspired by one of those recipes, Chef Daniel Orr makes a beet vinaigrette.

Frog legs are also on the menu today.

And with the farm bill back on Congress' radar, what will become of funding for food stamps? Harvest Public Media looks at how rural families could be affected.

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