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Raw Okra Salad And History Of Ball Jars

Ball jar

One of the joys of summer is to go out in the garden and harvest okra. It takes off. You find new ones every day. There's always a few you've forgotten and they get so big.

That's Chef Daniel Orr walking through his massive garden, picking ingredients for our recipe today. Sure, everyone likes deep-fried okra. But what about eating it raw? He'll be preparing a colorful and flavorful salad using lots of raw veggies, including okra.

Then, Traditional Arts Indiana takes a look at the unsung hero for every food preserver -- the container. Josephine McRobbie visits Muncie, Indiana to learn more about the history of the Ball Corporation.

Harvest Public Media investigates the changing dairy industry in Kansas.

And, author Janisse Ray has been gardening for 25 years. Saving seeds was a natural extension of that. We speak with her about new new book, The Seed Underground: A Growing Revolution To Save Food.

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